About Us at Nanotech Pristine!

What do you need to know about us? Well, our specialist and professional fitters have a history of over 15 years combined experience. Coming together in 2016, we became the specialist Nanotech Pristine fitters that we are today. So with unrivalled nanotechnology, we can ensure water resistance and scratch protection up to 9H. Ultimately, we will give your vehicle the superb shine it deserves.

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Why choose us?

Nanotech Pristine: THE supplier for vehicle window tinting. Many local and national garages recommend us. Because we are a registered and recommended supplier and fitter, we are utilized. Nanotech Pristine serve as the main company for many national and local garages. Not only that, but our customers return to us for our supreme technology and the excellent service we offer.

Choosing the right window tinting company

When it comes to vehicle window tinting there are a huge range of companies to choose from. Because of this, it can be hard to know who to trust. Fortunately, here at Nanotech Pristine, we recognise the importance of focusing on the quality of the window tinting. Which means providing you with a quality finish. What's more, this excellent finish is provided with a life-time guarantee!

Is your window film legal?

If you are considering having the driver and front passenger windows tinted ensure that the window film is legal. The glass and the film must allow through 70% of visible light to comply and 75% on the windscreen.

Our Services:

It is hard to find cutting edge Nano Protection like the technology we use at Nanotech Pristine. Due to this protective coating, your vehicle remains water resistant and scratch proof up to 9H. ‘H’ is a recording of mineral hardness. On this scale diamonds are measured at 10H so you can see just how protected your vehicle becomes. Not only that but your vehicle will shine better than if it was new and feel smoother than ever - so smooth that water runs straight off your slick paintwork. Prices start from £60.00.
Based in Ipswich, Suffolk. Nanotech Pristine offer what is thought to be the best window tinting service within East Anglia. You can have confidence in us because our window tinting films come with a lifetime guarantee. Furthermore, we ensure that your vehicle’s glass never looks any different to factory fitted privacy glass. Prices start from £100.00.
We provide the ultimate, bespoke customisation of vehicles without the ultimate expense that often comes with this kind of work. So what makes our detailing so good? Well, we are excellent at highlighting the finer details of the car. We do this in order to ensure an end result that separates your vehicle from all others!

Some of our bespoke detailing consists of:
* headlight restoration and customisation,
* body detailing,
* professional polishing,
* wheel restoration and customising.

Nanotech Pristine offer an extensive range of vehicle detailing so please contact us with your requests. Each service is priced individually.

Our history at Nanotech Pristine is in . Minor body repair. We pride ourselves on restoring panels back to a factory standard but without the costs that are usually associated with this line of work. Any minor damage to your bodywork, we can repair. Our prices start from £50.00 per panel