Nano Protection

Our unrivalled technology offers water resistance and scratch proofing for up to 9H. This means your car will be protected against corrosion and icing over. We bring you an odourless ceramic, unnoticeable to the human eye. Applicable to both the inside and outside of the vehicle, it feels like new. You could even have two coats to double the 12 months of protection that comes with one. We do advise though, that we refresh your Nano Protection after 9 months.

It may prove hard to find cutting edge Nano Protection like ours. Because we utilise an unrivalled technology, we offer you water resistance and scratch proofing for up to 9H. ‘H’ records the measurement of mineral hardness.

All this and our prices start from only £60.00

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How does mineral hardness improve my vehicle?

The molecules in the coating of our Nano Protection have been improved. This makes the coating scratch resistant. On the MOHS scale of mineral hardness, the treatment we coat your car with is recorded at 9H. On this scale, diamonds measure at 10H. So you can understand how protected your reformed vehicle will be! Furthermore, our Nano Protection product is odourless - an unnoticeable ceramic to the human eye so you detect the improvement to your vehicle and not the coating itself.

What happens when I choose Nano Protection?

This technology involves treating your vehicle to a protection that coats it into feeling indestructible. Your car becomes blemish free and better than new for 12 months. Your vehicle shines better than if it was new and feels smoother than ever - so smooth that water runs straight off your slick paintwork. Most importantly, your vehicle resists damage. In addition to this, your car becomes more glossy than ever. As well as coating the paint work, we are able to treat the inside of your car too. Why would you deny yourself of this luxury?


Here you can see photos from before, during and after the Nano Protection process.

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