Vehicle Wraps

What are Vehicle Wraps?

Vehicle wraps: large sheets of printed vinyl used to cover paintwork and transform the appearance. Technicians conduct this process in a clean, dust free environment. This ensures a stylish and blemish free end result.

Our vehicle wraps will be applied by our professional technicians. Nanotech Pristine technicians have over 15 years of combined experience. Our totally bespoke service means that your vehicle becomes entirely original. Our vinyl comes in a wide variety of colours and combinations to guarantee this originality. Regardless of your vehicle type, we can completely transform your car. What is more you could have a simple colour change or an altogether new look.

It may prove hard to find cutting edge Nano Protection like ours. Because we utilise an unrivalled technology, we offer you water resistance and scratch proofing for up to 9H. ‘H’ records the measurement of mineral hardness.


Ford-Transit-Vehicle Wrapping-Before-Nanotech-Pristine-6
Ford-Transit-Vehicle Wrapping-Before-Nanotech-Pristine


Ford-Transit-Vehicle Wrapping-During-Nanotech-Pristine (4)


Ford-Transit-Vehicle Wrapping-After-Nanotech-Pristine (2)
Ford-Transit-Vehicle Wrapping-After-Nanotech-Pristine (3)

Why is Nanotech Pristine’s vehicle wrapping like no one else’s?

Our service is completed with 3M’s (a ‘science based technology’ company) vinyl, complimented with our very own Nano Protection which means that we are confident enough to offer a 5-year warranty on all wraps fitted by Nanotech Pristine.

How can we help you to advertise your business?

These designs can be applied to and removed from all vehicle surfaces and provide a cost effective and long lasting way of advertising your business, revamping your fleet and reinforcing your corporate identity. We are even happy to wrap a fleet of vehicles to meet your company’s needs.

The legal bit…

Vehicle wraps can be used as a temporary colour change and are recognised by DVLA as temporary so it doesn’t need to be registered with them. Therefore there is minimal effort and no hassle if you just fancy a temporary change.